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Intel Core i5-13500 Processor
Power Supply
Operating System
Keyboard & Mouse
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At Jetlap Technologies, we are one stop solution for all your PC needs. We are working closely with brands like Intel, AMD, MSI, Asus, Gigabyte, ASRock, Zotac, Colorful, Inno3D, lenovo, Coolermaster. Deepcool, Lian Li, NZXT and many more in order to build a Customized Personal Computer for you. So whether you are a gamer, Graphics Designer,  Video Editor. or a working professional we have got you covered with our Custom PC Build in india.

Build own AMD Custom PC Build in India, we are here to help you for your requirement and hence provide world class after sales services.

Build Custom PC

Building a AMD Custom PC Build in India offers numerous advantages, such as tailoring the system to your specific needs, achieving optimal performance, and potentially saving money compared to pre-built options. Whether you’re a gamer, content creator, or professional in need of a powerful workstation, this guide will walk you through the essential components and considerations for creating your dream custom PC build in India.

Define Your Purpose and Budget:
The first step in building a custom PC is determining your specific requirements and budget. Are you primarily a gamer, a video editor, or a programmer? Defining your purpose will help you choose the right components and prioritize where to allocate your budget.

Selecting the Right Processor (CPU):
The CPU is the brain of your PC, and it’s essential to choose one that suits your needs. In India, popular choices include the Intel Core series and the AMD Ryzen processors. Consider factors such as core count, clock speed, and compatibility with other components.

Choosing the Ideal Graphics Card (GPU):
For gaming enthusiasts and content creators, a powerful graphics card is crucial. NVIDIA GeForce and AMD Radeon GPUs are highly recommended options in India. Evaluate factors like VRAM, clock speed, and performance benchmarks to ensure it meets your expectations.

Assessing Memory (RAM) Requirements:
RAM plays a vital role in multitasking and overall system performance. Opt for at least 16GB of DDR4 RAM, with higher capacities if you frequently engage in resource-intensive tasks like video editing or 3D rendering.

Storage Solutions for Speed and Capacity:
Selecting the right storage options is essential for a smooth computing experience. Consider a combination of a solid-state drive (SSD) for speedy boot times and software loading, coupled with a larger capacity hard disk drive (HDD) for storing data and files.

Motherboard and Compatibility:
The motherboard serves as the foundation of your PC and ensures compatibility among components. Choose a reliable brand and ensure it supports your chosen CPU and GPU. Pay attention to expansion slots, connectivity options, and future upgradability.

Power Supply Unit (PSU) and Cooling:
An adequate power supply unit is crucial to ensure stable and reliable operation. Invest in a PSU from a reputable brand with sufficient wattage for your components. Additionally, consider adequate cooling solutions like CPU coolers and case fans to prevent overheating.

Selecting the Right Case:
The PC case not only holds all your components but also affects airflow, cable management, and aesthetics. Look for a case that provides ample space, good ventilation, and convenient cable routing options. Consider factors like size, design, and available features.

Peripherals and Accessories:
Don’t forget to include peripherals such as a keyboard, mouse, monitor, and speakers in your budget. Opt for peripherals that match your usage preferences, and choose a high-quality monitor with the appropriate resolution and refresh rate for gaming or content creation.

Assembly and Professional Help:
Building a PC can be an exciting DIY project, but if you’re not confident in your technical skills, consider seeking professional help. Alternatively, numerous online tutorials and communities in India offer guidance on assembling your custom PC.

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